L.A. Plant Company specializes in the design, installation and service of interior and exterior potted plants. We do this through the following services:

New installations – Free survey and proposal for new installations
  • Purchase option
  • Lease option
  • Maintenance
  • Seasonal Exterior Color
  • Seasonal Interior Color
Existing Plant Maintenance

Free survey and proposal for maintenance of your existing plants including placing them on our “Free replacement Guarantee” so you never have to worry about losing your valuable investment.

  • Commercial buildings, including exterior potted plants
  • Offices with existing plants
  • Residential clients with existing plants
  • Large corporate and manufacturing facilities with existing plants
Refurbishment of existing plants

One time clean up, re-pot, soil treatment, fertilization, decorative container and water proof lining replacement, pest and disease control.

Interior Plant Design

Create a unique, balanced, effective interior plant design. Working with property managers, interior designers, architects, office managers and residential clients, we create custom designed plantscapes. From a tropical look to an architectural design or anything in between.

Corporate Clients

We can create an interior plantscape design with plant list, containers and materials specifications which can then be put out to bid. Plants are installed by our fully trained specialists. Depending on the size of the job, some of the installation processes will be performed at our greenhouse. All plants will be properly staged into their decorative containers and topped with fiber moss or other appropriate cover. All maintenance agreements include our free replacement guarantee, which means we will, at no cost to you, replace any plant with one of the same size and type. A neat, polite, fully trained maintenance technician wearing a company shirt or uniform will visit your site and provide professional horticultural care. The technician will check the moisture level, clean, prune, rotate and check for diseases and pests. We will fertilize as needed according to the environment in your spaces. We will also remove debris from the top of the plant and make sure the moss and staging are still as per their original design.

A Senior Technician or Quality Control Manager will inspect your account several times a year to insure that each plant meets our acceptable quality guidelines and is up to our standards of professional plant care. If a plant is found unacceptable for any reason, it will be placed in a very timely manner. Appropriate action will be taken to bring it up to our standards.

Residential Clients

We can create a cohesive patio, balcony or interior design including flowering plants, decorative containers and exotic specimen plants.


Contact us for a firm price quote for rentals from one month or longer.


Decorative containers and gift plants can be delivered for you. In addition to indoor plants and trees, you can choose from Orchids, bromeliads, gift arrangements, furnishings and accessories. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and JCB credits cards. Call us for a price quote.

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